Grand Théâtre - Studio


A work devised by Katie Mitchell and the company
From the text of Virginia Woolf's novel The Waves

Thursday October 23 2008 at 8 pm
Friday October 24 2008 at 8 pm
Saturday October 25 2008 at 8 pm
Running time 2 hours and 25 minutes
Adults 20 €, Students 8 €

Luxembourg's international audience has come to expect exquisite British theatre productions at the Grand Théâtre. Deborah Warner's Julius Caesar dazzled everybody in 2005 and Cheek by Jowl's productions of The Changeling in 2006 and Cymbeline in 2007 didn't fail to impress. Now, the Grand Théâtre is proud to present Britain's National Theatre in Luxembourg for the very first time.

Based on Virginia Woolf's groundbreaking experiment in literary form, The Waves, this multi-media production is a fragmented and dreamlike tale of friendship, loss, identity and love. When Waves first opened in London in 2006, all the critics agreed that this was an extraordinary show:

» Ingenious and moving. The Independent

» A feat of theatrical imagination and aesthetic complexity. The most poetically imaginative staging that London has seen in many months. Financial Times

» Theatre and video come together so seamlessly and complement each other so exquisitely it is as if Mitchell, her actors and video artist Leo Warner have created an entirely new art form. The Guardian

» Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) was astonishingly fluent and prolific, writing reviews, essays, stories, as well as novels, of which The Waves (1931) was the seventh. Her personal universe consisted of writing and reading, her own inner life, and the intensely intimate world of her friends and family. Her experience of the wider world was limited. She never crossed the Atlantic. […] She could be formidable, and unkind. She could also be gay, enchanting and brilliantly funny. She was like no one else. Victoria Glendinning

» In the beginning, there was a nursery, with windows opening on to a garden, and beyond that the sea. Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Director Katie Mitchell Designer Vicki Mortimer Lighting Designer Paule Constable Video Designer Leo Warner Music Paul Clark Musical Director and Arranger Simon Allen Sound Designer Gareth Fry With Kate Duchene, Anastasia Hille, Kristin Hutchinson, Sean Jackson, Liz Kettle, Paul Ready, Jonah Russell, Stephen Kennedy Production National Theatre (London)