Reckless Sleepers
In English

You have the opportunity to meet the cast after the performance on the 21st May.

[EN] In 1933, Erwin Schrödinger won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to Quantum Mechanics. He theorized a box in which a cat exists as living and dead at the same time.

In 1998, Reckless Sleepers built that box – and now over a decade later, they are climbing back inside. In one of the company’s most celebrated performance pieces the impossible is probable: truth and illusion are inseparable. Laws are made bent then broken.

On stage is a box with hatches and doors. It can be the box where the cat is locked up or an experimental chamber. The chamber is populated by a group of experimenters / artists, trying to conduct research into immeasurable theories. Schrödinger is about thought experiments, cats, Rene Magritte, love, time, mathematics, observations, truth, lies and alcohol.

It’s a visually mesmerizing performance that sways between question and answer, chaos and order, what we can measure and what we can’t.

» Reckless Sleepers’ dynamic take on their original 1998 work. It’s got a new cast and some tweaks, but the same alluring blend of philosophical richness and hypnotic visuals used to explore giant concepts with a stylish lightness. [...] This would be an existentially terrifying finale, if it wasn’t also a haunting, beautiful, dramatic scene. That black box might well, in the final analysis, be a metaphor for the mind, but it is also a space for gripping physical theatre. The Guardian

» The company creates marvellously bizarre scenarios [...] and challenges the rules and conventions we apply to everything from mathematics to emotions, including the very belief that we exist and know the difference between truth and lie. The Glasgow Herald

» What Reckless Sleepers is implying in this cunning, comic and resonant show is that everything – including human emotions such as love – is absurd, even dangerous, but vital. You might, like me, be thinking about it for days afterwards. The Times

[FR] » Étrange et étonnant happening, mené de main de maître par un groupe d’inspirés et acrobatiques loustics, réussissant à troubler et charmer la salle par leurs performances judicieusement calculées, expérimentées et réussies. Tageblatt


Written & directed by Mole Wetherell

Performed by
Mole Wetherell,
Leen Dewilde,
Alex Covell,
Leentje Van De Cruys,
Kevin Egan,
Rebecca Young

Production Reckless sleepers (Manchester & Gent)

“Schrödinger” is funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Jeudi 21 MAI 2015 à 20h00 (tickets)
Vendredi 22 MAI 2015 à 20h00 (tickets)

DURÉE 1h00 (pas d’entracte)

Adultes  20€ / Jeunes 8€

Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Studio

 Introduction to the play by Pascal Daman & Janine Goedert at 7.30 pm before every performance (in English & French)

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