[EN] This year marks the twentieth year of the collaboration between choreographer Russell Maliphant and lighting designer Michael Hulls. Together they have developed a unique and unparalleled language between light and movement that is revered the world over and the dance world would be very much the poorer without their scintillating studies in movement and light. Maliphant has spent the past few decades honing a style as unique as a fingerprint, one that takes the classical rigor of his Royal Ballet School training and weaves into it elements of capoeira, tai-chi and even the alternative physical therapy of “Rolphing”.

Conceal | Reveal is a performance of three dance pieces and on this occasion the Russell Maliphant Company present both new and classic work, including the iconic Broken Fall with music by Barry Adamson. It will be presented by Maliphant’s company of exceptional dancers who will also perform new creations including a solo for former Royal Ballet Dancer Dana Fouras with a commissioned score by Mukul and costumes by Stevie Stewart.

Created in 2003, Broken Fall is played out to music that might have come from an autumnal early-Seventies romantic flick, it is a similarly intricate study of physical interplay between one woman and two men. It, too, honours Maliphant’s classical heritage in both its reliance on lifts and also in these lifts’ inherent chivalry – although physically dependent on her two partners, the woman always appears to be the star.

‹‹both, and›› is a new, shorter solo for Maliphant’s wife and long term collaborator Dana Fouras, here returning to the company after a 10-year absence. She performs with vast silhouettes of herself, beamed onto a translucent front-cloth by spotlights artfully placed behind her. At times, you see her coiling and uncoiling through her own, enormous shadow – a simple trick, perhaps, but an impressive one.

Piece No. 43, symbolically named because it is Maliphant and Hulls’ 43rd collaboration, begins with each of the quintet (two boys, three girls) striking lyrical poses, on the spot, in his or her own “tile” of light, spread out across the front of the stage. En route to a conclusion at once even more statuesque and decidedly photographic, there comes a passage in which the two boys dance centre- stage, against the counterpoint of what could almost pass for a three-strong female Greek chorus. Playing out to the famous adagio sostenuto from Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata, this is art of almost heart-stopping beauty.

» The dance world would be very much the poorer without Russell Maliphant’s scintillating studies in movement and light. [...] Conceal | Reveal is an evening of dazzling physical poetry that leaves you at once rejoicing in Maliphant and Hull’s long partnership and craving the next 20 years, too. The Telegraph, Mark Monahan

[FR] La Russell Maliphant Company a été créée en 1996 pour concrétiser le rêve de Russell Maliphant d’être son propre «maître de ballet» avec ses propres danseurs.

Très vite, il a multiplié les récompenses: trois fois le prix du Critic’s Circle National Dance, le South Bank Show Award ou un Olivier, parmi beaucoup d’autres.

Son travail se caractérise par une approche unique du flux et de l’énergie de la danse, et l’exploration des relations entre mouvement, lumière et musique.

Pour son nouveau programme, Conceal | Reveal, il a d’ailleurs une fois encore travaillé en étroite collaboration avec Michael Hulls, le concepteur de ses éclairages depuis près de vingt ans, et avec Mukul, un compositeur partout reconnu.

À Luxembourg, on n’a pas oublié le magnifique duo qu’il avait formé avec Sylvie Guillem.

[DE] Der Kanadier Russell Maliphant kommt zurück nach Luxemburg. Für Conceal | Reveal hat Maliphant mit zwei langjährigen Weggefährten zusammengearbeitet: mit dem Beleuchter Michael Hulls und dem Komponisten Mukul.

Das Programm des Abends besteht aus drei Stücken: Broken Fall aus dem Jahr 2003 für eine Tänzerin und zwei Tänzer, das mit dem renommierten Laurence Olivier Award ausgezeichnet wurde. Das darauf folgende «both, and» ist ein kurzes Solo für Dana Fouras. Scheinwerfer projizieren dabei ihre Silhouette auf durchscheinenden Stoff und sorgen für überraschende Effekte. Piece No. 43 wiederum ist so benannt, weil es bereits die 43. gemeinsame Arbeit von Maliphant und Hulls ist. Die Musik von Mukul und Ludwig van Beethovens Mondscheinsonate verbinden sich mit skulpturenhaften Posen des tänzerischen Quintetts. Sowohl «both, and» als auch Piece No. 43 wurden im Oktober 2015 in Ipswich uraufgeführt. 


BROKEN FALL Choreographer Russell Maliphant
Lighting Designer Michael Hulls
Composer Barry Adamson
Music by arrangement with Novello & Co Ltd
Dancers Marlon Dino, Lucia Lacarra, Erik Murzagaliyev
Running time 24 mins

<<BOTH, AND>> Choreographer Russell Maliphant
Lighting Designer Michael Hulls
Composer Mukul
Costume Designer Stevie Stewart
Dancer Dana Fouras
Running time 16 mins 

PIECE NO. 43 Choreographer Russell Maliphant
Lighting Designer Michael Hulls
Composer Mukul
Music Tidal/Atacama & Beethoven, Piano sonata No. 14 in C sharp Minor. Piano by Jenö Jandó courtesy of Shutterstock Inc.
Dancers Marlon Dino, Dana Fouras, Lucia Lacarra, Erik Murzagaliyev, Yu-Hsien Wu
Running time 30 mins

A Sadler’s Wells London / Russell Maliphant Company production.
Co-commissioned by DanceEast, The Lowry Salford Quays and The Point Eastleigh.
Co-produced by Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg and Movimentos Festwochen der Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany
Supported using public funds by Arts Council England.

Mercredi 9 NOVEMBRE 2016 à 20h00 (tickets)

DURÉE environ 1h10 & entracte

Adultes 25 €, 20 €, 15 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu

Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Grande Salle

Dans le cadre de
Luxembourg Festival

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