[EN] No strangers to Luxembourg, Nederlands Dans Theater is one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies. Founded in 1959, NDT is known for avant-garde aesthetic and nonconformist, progressive productions.

In 1978, the company divided to allow mature dancers (NDT 1) to fully grow into their artistic personalities, yet at the same time allowing young talent the space to grow and mature (NDT 2). Both companies are celebrated as two of the world’s most distinctive dance ensembles. Sol León and Paul Lightfoot are the primary examples of this talent development programme. Lightfoot serves as the Artistic Director of the overall company and León is Artistic Advisor since 2012. Together, León and Lightfoot celebrate over 25 years of collaboration.

The repertoire for the evening is compiled of very different pieces of work. In Shoot the Moon, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot allow the audience to catch glimpses of the love life of three different couples. Revolving walls with striking black-and-white wallpaper create three separate rooms, each containing its own love story. The door to the other room always seems to be open and through the window a new world beckons. Shoot the Moon won the Zwaan for Best Dance Production 2006.

NDT 1 Associate Choreographer Crystal Pite’s richly scripted looping drama The Statement, takes a contemporary world view of power, conflict and morality. A prerecorded script by Jonathon Young is intermixed with a rumbling soundscape by Owen Belton and paralleled by the dancers moving fluidly around, under, over and across a large boardroom table beneath a suspended zone of silence. Their intricate and wily manoeuvres provide an exhilarating viewing.

Woke up Blind, created by NDT’s Associate Choreographer Marco Goecke, was inspired by two love songs by American singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley, who died tragically at a young age. Two female and five male dancers are drawn into an acoustic world that contrasts with Buckley’s vocal power and his frenetic guitar sounds. In León and Lightfoot’s Stop-Motion, eight dancers portray the emotion, confusion and abrupt change in a process of farewell and transformation. It is inspired by, and dedicated to, their daughter Saura. Throughout the piece, high above the dancers, a giant projection of Saura’s face runs in extreme slow motion. This piece explores the transition from child to young adult.

[FR] Innovation, ouverture, excellence, alliance du classique et de la danse contemporaine: tels sont les maîtres-mots du Nederlands Dans Theater qui, à chacun de ses passages au Grand Théâtre, nous a émerveillés. Fondé en 1959, le Nederlands Dans Theater s’est constitué au fil des décennies un incroyable répertoire et s’est imposé comme l’une des plus prestigieuses compagnies de danse au monde.

Sa quête perpétuelle de nouveauté, sa qualité artistique exceptionnelle, ses chorégraphes virtuoses et le jeu fluide et énergique de ses danseurs font que, presque soixante ans après sa création, le NDT figure toujours au sommet de la création internationale. En 1978, la compagnie a donné naissance à une petite sœur, le Nederlands Dans Theater 2, conçue comme un vivier de talents, dont tous les danseurs ont moins de 23 ans, et qui a déjà été reçue ici.

Le programme que le NDT 1 nous propose cette saison sera une fois encore représentatif du vaste éventail de ses créations, typique à la fois de son parcours et de sa perpétuelle réinvention.

[DE] Mit vier unterschiedlichen Stücken präsentiert sich das legendäre Nederlands Dans Theater 1: Die Songs You and I und The Way Young Lovers Do des amerikanischen Liedermachers Jeff Buckley (1966-1997) bilden die Grundlage für Marco Goeckes neueste Choreographie Woke up Blind. Die zwei Tänzerinnen und fünf Tänzer stürzen sich wie junge Liebende ins Unbekannte, ohne Rücksicht auf die Folgen. In The Statement führen vier Tänzer an einem Konferenztisch eine hitzige Debatte. Die kanadische Choreographin Crystal Pite vereint darin Bewegung, Originalmusik, Text und eine reiche visuelle Ausstattung. Hinzu kommen zwei Kreationen der Haus-Choreographen Sol León und Paul Lightfoot: zum einen Stop-Motion zur Musik von Max Richter „ein Spiel mit der Zeit, bei dem in Zeitlupen-Videos auch Saura, die Tochter des Choreographenpaars zu sehen ist“ und zum anderen Shoot the Moon von 2006, das Einblick in das Liebesleben dreier Paare gibt.


Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Music Philip Glass: Movement II from Tirol Concerto for piano and orchestra
Lighting Design Tom Bevoort
Set Design & Costumes Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
World Premiere April 27, 2006, Lucent Danstheater The Hague
Duration 22 minutes

Crystal Pite
Music New composition by Owen Belton
Playwright Jonathon Young
Vocal performance Meg Roe, Colleen Wheeler, Andrew Wheeler, Jonathon Young
Lighting Design Tom Visser
Set Design Jay Gower Taylor
Costumes Crystal Pite, Joke Visser
World Premiere February 4, 2016, Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague
Duration 19 minutes

Marco Goecke
Dramaturge Nadja Kadel
Music Jeff Buckley: You and I, The Way Young Lovers Do
Lighting Design Udo Haberland
Set Design & Costumes Marco Goecke
World Premiere February 4, 2016, Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague
Duration 15 minutes
You and I written by Jeff Buckley. Used by permission of Mary Guibert, Successor-in-Interest to the Estate of Jeff Buckley. The Way Young Lovers Do by Van Morrison Wb Music Corp (ASCAP) and Caledonia Soul Music (ASCAP). All rights administered by Wb Music Corp.

For Saura
Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Assistant to the choreographer Anders Hellström
Music Max Richter: Ocean House Mirror, Powder Pills Truth, He is Here, Everything is Burning, November, Monologue, A Lover’s Complaint, On the Shore, End Title, Sorrow Atoms, How to Die in Oregon
Lighting Design Tom Bevoort
Set Design Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Costumes Joke Visser, Hermien Hollander
Video Sol León & Paul Lightfoot (concept), Rahi Rezvani (camera and direction), Dicky Schuttel (camera), Dicky Schuttel & Harmen Straatman (editing)
World Premiere January 29, 2014, Lucent Danstheater The Hague
Duration 34 minutes
Special thanks to: Stefan Zeromski, Saura Lightfoot-León and Hector the kestrel.

Production Nederlands Dans Theater

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