The project Body is What Remains
Mentor – Hofesh Shechter
Avec: Lewis Major (danseur & chorégraphe), Dane Yates (compositeur), Sarah Wilson & Christina Chan (danseuses)

Our project, Body is What Remains is an apocalyptic exploration of a collapsing world where language and speech are no longer used to create trust and solidarity, but to destroy and divide. Body is What Remains will be a study in the contrasts and contradictions, the violence and the transcendence, that mark the modern human condition and what happens when we lose the ability to connect to each other. Body is What Remains is somewhat an exploration of endings, the end of an era, the end of a golden age – perhaps the end of the world.

The project ALPHA
Mentor – Hofesh Shechter
Avec: Marie Hanna Klemm, Erin O'Reilly, Amie-Blaire Chartier (interprètes)

ALPHA is a fictional dance-theatre piece, reflecting on gender roles in relation to power structures in modern society. The universe of ALPHA is one in which Eve never gave Adam the apple, resulting in the domination of women over men, who are equal to beasts. In this scenario we aim to explore how the act of superiority transforms and “defiles” our perception of femininity, and brings masculinity to extinction. The myth of Cassandra of Troy, the woman who could see but was not listened to, will be used as a main source of inspiration during the TalentLAB. 



Samedi 8 JUIN 2019 à 19h30 (tickets)

Entrée libre / Tout public / Pour des raisons d’organisation, nous vous prions toutefois de bien vouloir réserver vos places auprès de Luxembourg Ticket.

Après la présentation:
Fête de clôture de l'édition 2019 du TalentLAB dans le Foyer du Grand Théâtre.

Lieu: Grand Théâtre - Studio

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